How do I apply for assistance with Pet Medical Crisis?

How do I apply for assistance with Pet Medical Crisis?

Pet Medical Crisis online applications can be made at “Need Help”.  

In an emergency (eg snake bite, pyometra, trauma, swallowed foreign body, blocked bladder) the veterinary clinic can also apply online or call the CEO of Pet Medical Crisis on the private number provided to most veterinary clinics across Victoria.

You’ll have to have paid for any veterinary consultations and diagnostics so that a plan-of-care is known and your enquiry will generally be answered within 24hours.

Pet Medical Crisis work in cooperation with the Vet and Owner.  

  1.  They ask the vet to provide an overview of the circumstances and to discount as much as possible.  
  2.  They determine that the pet owner is in genuine necessity and has exhausted all other avenues of self-funding.
  3.  They aim to bridge the gap between vet and owner up to a maximum of $1,000 per case.


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