Microchipping your pet is extremely important; here’s why

Microchipping your pet is extremely important; here’s why

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Containing some of the main information regarding our furry friends, the microchip for dogs and cats stays under the skin and is an essential mechanism with the sole purpose of taking care of our pets. For those who are still doubtful about the theme, Pets Forever organised some of the main curiosities around this important item. Check it out!

O microchip pet não é um GPS

Contrary to what most people think, the microchip for dogs and cats doesn’t work as a radar or a GPS, which means that you are not able to track your pet’s location through it. It works as a form of identification for domestic animals, usually installed after the purchase of adoption of a pet.

In the microchip, you are able to imprint several different data such as breed, nome, age, disease history and owner information.

If you ever encounter a lost pet that is microchipped, you’ll be able to take them to the vet and find information about the owner and where the animal lives. The veterinarian will also be aware of chronic health issues or special care, if there are any.

It’s a fast and painless procedure

Many pet lovers have the notion that implanting a microchip is a brute procedure. But the reality is far simpler, since the application is done through a special needle that is barely noticed by the pet.

After cleaning the area, the special needle is inserted until the subcutaneous portion of the tissue, and the microchip is applied as if it was a simple medication. It’s also very small; the size of a single grain of rice!

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Microchipping is mandatory for overseas travel

If you wanna take your pet on a lovely international trip, know that you’ll definitely have to get them microchipped. Besides being mandatory for most international airline companies, many countries such as the US and the European Union demanded that the pet has a microchip ID before travelling to their territory.

Now that you know how microchipping works and why it’s important for your pet, check out the other articles in our Pets Forever blog for more information on your animal’s health and well-being!

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