Things you give up in exchange for Pet Parenthood

Many people I know do not have pets because they are afraid that the pet might destroy their belongings or cause mayhem. We can agree that pet ownership is not for everyone. If you cannot tolerate fur on your clothes and furniture or destruction of nice things like shoes and handbags, then pet ownership may not be your thing.

The love you receive from your pet is something that is out of this world. It is genuine and an experience you can cherish and hold dearly. However, can everyone tolerate the negative things that come with pet ownership? In this article, we will look at things you may sacrifice after bringing home your fur friend.

Clothes and furniture free of fur

You cannot evade fur when you have a pet unless you choose to have a non-shed or hairless dog or cat breeds. Trust me; a house that is full of pets is a house full of fur! I have two dogs in the house, and I vacuum daily and I still cannot  get rid of the fur completely.

When you open your door to animals, you learn to ignore the fur. Better yet, you enjoy every strand of fur that you find on clothes and even joke about it.

Here are some tips for dealing with the fur problem:

  1. Change your furniture to soft leather. From a personal experience, soft leather furniture carries less fur and it is easier to clean.
  2. Regular pet grooming helps remove loose fur from your pet, which means less fur on your furniture and clothes. I control fur by brushing my dogs twice a week, and this reduces the amount of fur significantly.
  3. Accept pet fur is a part of your home.

Say Goodbye to nice belongings

All dog owners are advised to keep all their nice belongings away from their fur babies. Young puppies love to chew on everything and cannot stop themselves from chewing your expensive heals. Every dog is different; some love chewing on personal belongings while others love chewing on the furniture.

There are measures you can take to prevent your dog from destroying your belongings:

  1. Keep all valuable items out of reach of your dog or behind closed doors.
  2. Use bitter apple cider vinegar to prevent them from chewing your furniture.
  3. Adopt older pets that are not likely to chew on your belongings. Be sure to check with the shelter staff, if the dog you are about to take home are free of chewing habits.
  4. Set aside a room that is meant for pets only. Your dog can freely walk in and out of the room as they like. Make sure the room is full of chew toys to keep them busy while you are away.

Changing to an active lifestyle

Knowing that your pet is waiting for you to come home can make you have an active lifestyle. Having a pet will make you have a sense of responsibility and something to always look forward to. Your pet needs regular grooming and playtime, which will keep you busy.


When you take in a pet, forget about privacy. Most dogs and cats will always escort you to the bathroom and want to hang out with you.

A good night sleep

All cat and dog owners can confess that their pets are addicted to their bed. They crave for joining you in your bed every day in the middle of the night. If you allow your pets to sleep with you in your bed, it will become a routine that you will never change. Instead, provide a comfortable and soft bed for your pet in your bedroom. Make sure to always direct your pet to sleep on it. This will need patience and consistency to work.

The benefits of becoming a pet parent are more than the sacrifices you have to make when you take them in. In return, you get unconditional love, learn about forgiveness, get someone to spend time with and lower your blood pressure and stress levels.

Remember, you may live with your pet for more than twenty years. Trust me; this time will be the best time of your life!

Have we left anything out? Let us know what changed, in your life or what you sacrifices you have made to have a pet.

Is pet social media important for pet owners?

Today, the use of pet social media is the new trend for many pet owners. Pet social media apps help connect pet owners and lovers around the world to make a difference. Opening your home to a pet can be an exciting experience for everyone, including your children. Also, raising a pet can teach them about responsibility, compassion, gratitude, and kindness.

Besides being adorable, pets make the lives of pet owners interesting, and the internet has become the best place to post pet videos online. The internet is full of cute animal videos performing funny and adorable acts.

Is a social network for pet owners important?

Who says you can eliminate technology from the life of your pet? You can’t! It is possible to capture all the fun moments of your pet with your phone and share it with the rest of the worldand connect with other pet parents in a fun way.

A pet social media app is the best alternative to share all your pet’s adorable moments. Facebook and Instagram are also great places to share your fur baby’s pictures and videos. However, they do not guarantee you a safe space for you and your pet. Not everyone on these platforms shares the same interests of wanting the best for our pets.

At a glance, social media pet apps are more alike like ordinary social media apps. Users get to know each other by creating profiles and connect to friends. The best thing is that every user is a pet owner, pet lover, or a pet service provider.

Connect with other pet owners

The obvious benefit of using a pet social media app is networking with other pet owners, make friends, and enjoy each other’s company. For example, you can easily find play dates with a dog social media app.

Apart from engaging with other pet owners, pet social media apps can help you answer questions about pet care and maintenance. When you have a minor issue about your pet, you can ask advice from your online friends while still researching yourself.

Let’s admit it, being a pet parent is rewarding but also challenging. It would be helpful to be in a community that experience similar issues. Never ask for help from pet groups and followers when your pet has health issues. Remember, your group members or followers are not medically trained to handle pet’s health problems. However, you can seek advice from experienced pet owners on day to day matters.

Read and see cute pets online

Pet social media apps facilitate the sharing of funny videos and pics which often creates interaction and comments.

Many posts become more entertaining when they hold a discussion about pet issues and learn how to solve them. With a pet social media app, you can post as many cute pics of your pet as you like.

 Make real-life contacts

Using pet social medial apps to create event my lead to some pet owners meeting.

It is always exciting to connect with someone with the same interests. Pets play a significant role in their owner’s life. Therefore, anything that helps to improve this great relationship can be highly treasured.

Shared support

Pet social media apps can provide excellent support, especially during tough times. For example, when you’re pet experiences behavioral issues or worse when youlose your beloved pet. It can be comforting to reach out to other pet parents for encouragement for issues they have experienced and or support.

Get connected with reliable pet services

Besides posting your pet’s pictures and videos online, pet social media apps can help you connect you with the right pet suppliers. If you are looking for a good pet walker, you can search for a pet social media app that can connect you with pet walkers. The same case happens if you are looking for good pet groomers, sitters, pet insurance or pet products.

Better yet, you can search for an app that connects you to all services that your pet needs. If you do not have an idea where you can get a pet social media app that offers everything under the same roof, you can take time to check out the Pets Forever app that is available on both play store and Apple store.Insert link to Google and Apple store

Isn’t this awesome! It feels fantastic to be in a community of pet owners that cares about the well-being of their pets.

How to find the best quality pet services

Pets are family and deserve the best. Whether you are looking for a vet or a pet grooming expert, they deserve the best quality pet services. As pet parents, it is our responsibility to take care of our pets. Sometimes, they need care that is outside our expertise. Washing, feeding and grooming is something we can manage. But when it comes to checking their health or taking care of them in your absence, you will may some help.

There are many pet service providers in the market today all claiming to provide the best quality pet services.

But, how can you filter out the best from the not so good?

One of the hardest tasks for all pet parents is finding the best quality pet service providers. Of course, all parents want the best for their pets. It is important for them to find pet professionals that are the right fit for them and their pets.

Here are things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect pet groomer or pet sitter.

Level of Service Provided

Pet services providers offer different services depending on the needs of the pet. Some pet groomers may want to include pet grooming services with live-in care while others may include outdoor exercise and training. Pet sitters may also want to include weight control or nutritional regimens in their services.

You need to identify what is the best service for you and your pet. A bit of research will help you find the best pet service provider for your pet’s needs.

Ask your vet

One of the best people to provide advice you on the best quality pet services is your vet. In the case of an older pet, you may need a pet sitter who has a good relationship with a professional vet. You will be at peace knowing that your pet is safe should there be a medical emergency.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth may seem as the most ancient method to find the best quality pet services, but it works! You will find the best pet service provider from a friend or another pet parent. Let us face it, a service provider may look good on paper, but recommendations beat all this.

Select a certified pet service provider

You don’t just select your pet service provider because they claim to provide quality pet services. You need some proof that they are certified and legit. They need to have a valid license to show that they are operating legally.

Ask about their emergency plans

You have already found the best pet sitter or groomer for your pet. But, how well prepares are they in case an emergency occurs. Sometimes, accidents and mishaps happen when they are least expected. It is important that we are always prepared when they happen. Choose a service provider who can provide help in case an emergency occurs.

Compile a Questionnaire

In order to be sure that you will choose the best quality pet service provider, create a questionnaire for you to cross check before choosing one. Can you provide a written proof that you will take liability for any accident or negligence? Are you certified for the job? Is the pet safe against theft by a pet sitter or employees? These are some of the questions you can include in your questionnaire.

Ask for References

A good pet service provider will have a list of references that are ready to vouch for their services. When you get the contacts of the references, make sure your ask questions that cater to your expectations and what your pet needs.

Always double check the contract

When you choose your pet service provider, keep in mind that you are placing the life on some else’s hands. Also, keep in mind that you might be giving complete access to your home and belongings in case you are looking forward to hiring a pet sitter. Take your time to review what you have discussed is actually written down in the contract.

 Let your pet give them a try out

You have finally hired the best high quality pet services providers for your pet. However, your pet needs to approve them in order to know if they are a good fit. It feels great to know that your dog or cat approves their pet sitter or groomer and relates with them well.

You can travel with your furry friend everywhere or talk them for walks every day. However, this is not possible! Finding reliable high quality pet services providers is important for your pet’s needs especially if you are away. The above tips will help you find quality pet services providers for your beloved pet. All the best!

How to find the best pet walkers near me

There are many times I find myself wondering where I can find the best pet walkers near me, especially when my schedule or timing prevents me from walking my pet for myself.

Whether your dog is an active breed or more of a coach potato, every dog requires some form of physical exercise.

So, what do you do when you have physical limitations that prevent you from going for a run with your dog? Or a schedule that doesn’t allow it? Or a job that sees you travel frequently? That’s when I search for pet walking services near me, and I always suggest that everyone with these kinds of limitations do so as well.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where there are several pet walkers near me. But how do I always single out the best dog walking services near me and most appropriate fit for my pet when the need arises? Here are a few pointers to help you along.

Ask For Recommendations

A good place to start is to ask around for referrals and suggestions. You are a pet parent, therefore chances are that you know other pet lovers. Turn to them for referrals. Ask your family members too. Chances are that they have had a great experience and won’t hesitate to share aa great pet walker’s contact information with you.

Another way would be searching online. I’ve had success in finding pet walking services near me using this method.

 Conduct a Brief Telephone Interview

Once you have a list of potential dog walking services near me, give them a call. Life today leaves us with very busy schedules. There’s no point in physically interviewing a long list of potential pet walkers when you can shortlist them over the phone.

During the interview, be sure to ask specific and important questions.

These may include:

  • How long will they walk your pet?
  • Will they be walked with other dogs?
  • How will they be introduced to other dogs they may be walking with?
  • Will they pick up your pet from your home?
  • How do they manage access to your home?
  • Do they have a valid police check?
  • Do they know pet first aid procedures?

Introduce Your Pet

After conducting an interview over the phone and settling on two or three potential pet walkers, it’s time for the next step. Introducing your pet to the potential pet walker.

What you want to look out for is how the two initially interact. Dogs are very intuitive and it’s very important to note the signals they give during this first meeting. Is your dog excited about them or do they cower? You could also take a test walk and see if they are a perfect match. Settle on the person whom your dog seems most comfortable and happy around. Personally, this is the point where I start to get comfortable with the notion that I might have just found the best pet walking services near me.

Be Specific

I’ve now found a pet sitter near me. What comes next?

It’s now time to get down to business. It’s time to get down to the specifics of your pet. Be very careful not to leave out any information. This could potentially endanger your pet. Divulge important information such as:

  • Your complete contact information. Email address, phone numbers and any other way you can be contacted. This is important incase your pet walker runs into an emergency of any sort.
  • Share your pet’sveterinary information. Most pets have a preferred vet close by so share their details with your pet walker.
  • Share information about any type of medication your pet may be taking. Have the medication clearly labeled, complete with the dosage and medication time. They might have to administer the medicine to your pet so might want to show them exactly how it’s done.
  • Most of the time, you will not be around when your walker comes. You might have to share your alarm code if you have one. If you aren’t comfortable with this, install one that can be controlled remotely so you don’t have to share the code with them.

Share the location of your pets supplies; leashes, toys, treats and so on.

Draw a Contract

For the sake of peace of mind for all parties involved, it’s advisable to draw a contract. This way all three parties are well taken care of and everything that is expected is clearly put down on paper.

Some of the things I always include in contracts with pet walking services near me include:

  • Where they will walk my pet
  • Whether they walk multiple dogs at the same time or exclusively mine
  • What times of the day they will walk my dog
  • How long every walk will take
  • If they are have any first aid and emergency skills
  • If they are licensed, insured and bonded
  • If they are comfortable handling other tasks in the house like watering the plants and bringing in the mail
  • What their cancellation policy is and what happens in the event that they are physically unable to work on any given day
  • What the cost is and how often they expect the payment to be made

Finding the perfect pet walker isn’t an easy task and cannot be taken lightly. So how do I always end up landing the best pet walkers near me? Follow the steps I’ve just shared with you, they haven’t failed me once!

How to choose the best dog groomers near me

Getting my furry friend the best pet grooming near me doesn’t sound like a difficult task, does it? However, italso isn’t the kind of job I want to entrust to just anybody.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a groomer. What precautions are taken with sharp and potentially dangerous objects like scissors and electric nail clippers? Is your pet crated or left in a common area with other dogs? What products do they use and could it potentially irritate my dog? You aren’t going to entrust just anybody with grooming your pet, are you?

To make this easier for you, here are some tips to choose the best pet groomers near me.


Ask your friends and family to give you recommendations. You can also use certain tools to search online with many customers leaving ratings.

Once a dog leaves a groomers clinic, they are a walking advertisement. Talk to your kennel manager,your veterinarian, your neighbor or even familiar faces in the dog park you and your dog frequent. If you happen to see a dog on the street groomed with a style you would like for your pet, stop their owner and ask where they had their dog groomed. You will be surprised at how willing people are to share this type of information.

 Contact the Groomer

So, you now have the contacts for a groomer or two. It’s now time to give them a call and ask some questions.Ask him/her as many questions as you need to. Remember that you will be entrusting them with your pet, so whatever you need to know to set your mind at ease is fine. Did they attend a grooming school or were they apprenticed by a professional groomer? How long have they been a groomer? Do they have experience with your particular breed? Are they a member of a professional grooming organisation? Are they properly licensed and certified to practice as a dog groomer?

Be patient

Most groomers usually have an extremely tight schedule. You might give them a call and find that they are too busy to answer your questions just then. Be patient and ask the groomer if they can call you back when they have ample time to answer your questions. See, it’s hard for a groomer to have a long conversation on the phone while clipping your dog’s nails. I always prefer pet groomers near me because in such cases, a trip to their clinic will be fast and easy. This way I get to have a feel of the place too.

What Happens During Emergencies?

We always hope we won’t need to think about emergencies, but the fact is that we do. What you want is an environment where incase anything happens, your furry friend will be safe. What you need to also know about your groomer is if they have any basic medical and first aid training and experience. Is the salon fitted with a first aid kit? Is it easily accessible? Is there a staff member familiar with first aid present at all times? Is there an emergency or disaster plan in place? In the event of an evacuation, is there a plan in place on how they will communicate with you and let you know where your dog is located? It would be sad and heartbreaking if anything were to happen to your dog when at the groomers. Sadly, this is information you want to have just incase it gets to that point.

What’s the Cost?

We all want what’s best for our dogs, right? That’s why cost shouldn’t be your main concern. That said, you still want to ask about the cost implications upfront to avoid any surprises later on. A professional groomer should be able to quote a rate upfront. This ideally would be after they have seen your dog and put into consideration its weight, size and breed. Some breeds have more fur and that coat type usually requires much more work.

Another cost implication would arise if your dog has certain conditions. If your dog has any medical condition, allergies or skin conditions that require extra care, always let your pet groomer know. It will probably cost more because such pets use specific products.

Are Other Services Provided?

When I take my dog to a pet groomer near me, I make it a habit to take advantage of all other services they have to offer. I don’t mind cleaning my dog’s ears, but let’s face it. If they had an infection, a professional groomer would be in a better position to recognise it. They would also bring any other issues to your attention such as tooth decay, skin infections and allergic reactions to products used.

There are dogs that need very minimal grooming. Then there are those with long, dense coats and require more frequent attention. Whichever side of the scale your beloved dog falls under, grooming should and must be part of their routine care. That’s why for me, choosing the best groomer near me is very important.

A highly skilled, professional groomer will partner with you in keeping your furry friend feeling and looking great always.

Go With Your Gut

Once you have completed your research it’s always a good idea to visit the pet groomer near me with my dog. They will be sure to let you know of their comfort level in the salon and with the groomer.

Everything You Need to Know About Animal Communication

Is it really possible to communicate with pets? Can I communicate with my pet or do I need ananimal communicator near me to do this? The answer is YES! It is possible to communicate with pets, and when done right, it is incredible how it works.

What is Pet Communication and how does it Work?

Have you ever wished you hadthe ability to talk to animals?

Who wouldn’t want to talk to animals? Animal communication involves the transfer of energy through communication. This is also known as telepathy. In short, this is the ability to read what is in someone else’s mind in order to feel their emotion or communicate mentally without using words.

To understand this better, let’s define the word telepathy. Tele means communication over a distance and empathy mean sharing someone else’s feelings, energies and emotions. So, telepathy means distance feelings.

Telepathy is not something new. In fact we do it daily, although we are not aware of it. It is just a fancy way of saying that you can feel and hear someone over a distance. We constantly send and receive feelings and information from others without talking.

Have you ever looked at a stranger across the room and instantly felt what they were feeling?

How does a mother know her child is in trouble or something is bothering them without asking?

Our pets communicate with us all the time. They want us to know where it is hurting, what makes them happy, how to make their lives better.

Have you ever wanted to talk to pets? At least get to understand them and get to know what they are feeling? The animal communicator near me helped me connect energetically with my pet and hear their thoughts and feelings. Animal communicators are trained to help you tune into your pets feelings so that we can understand their inner thoughts. With their help, we can share feelings and solve our pet’s problems.

Pet communication works in a similar way as radio and wifi frequencies. We become both senders and receivers of invisible information. In order for pet communication to work, you need to connect heart to heart and mind to mind with your pet. This involves high levels of energetic communication between both parties, and a high level of confidence in order to send and receive messages accurately.

So, Do I need pet communicator near me for me to communicate with my pet effectively? Stay tuned to find more about pet communication.

Tips for Communicating With Animals

Whether you have a furry, scaly or feathery friend, pets touch our lives in a special way. Their love is unconditional and teaches us how to love, forgiveand have fun.

Here are tips that will help you get close to your four-legged friend and communicate with them effectively. So, are you are still asking yourself, “Do I need ananimal communicator near me to help me communicate with my pet?” The answer is no! You can do it by yourself.

1. Start to Connect with Animals you know

Do you have an animal you care about? Is it your beloved dog or the birds you see every morning in your back yard?

Start to communicate with animals you are familiar with. With time, they will become comfortable around you. When this happens, they will start to reveal their true nature to you.

2. Listen to them

Have you ever tried to communicate with an animal using a deep connection?

If so, it is possible they tried to talk back to you?

When you want to ask your pet a question, try as much as possible to keep it short and simple. Ask simple questions like, how are you? How are you feeling? Try and be as concise and brief as possible for them to understand you.

Next time when communicating with an animal, try to listen to the voice within after greeting them. This the telepathic connection, mentioned earlier, and it’s heard deep within.

Talk to your pet and then wait. Always give them a chance to reply.Your pet will reply internally, therefore look for a word that pops into your mind.

Animals who are willing to communicate will always find a way to send their message. They do this through energy transfer. The message is received and is interpreted by an image or a thought.

3.Respond to what you hear appropriately

Once you receive a message from your pet, reply back by internally sending our thoughts back to them. You can also use emotion to communicate back.

Pets have a personality just like us. You can use their personality to communicate back to them. Use words or a thought in your mind for them to interpret. Internally let them know your thoughts and the message you intend to communicate.

Responding to the energy emitted by your pet when communicating with them, this demonstrates love and respect.

Animal communication is not magic. This is the same tactics that the animal communicator near me would use to communicate with animals.


The benefits of pet social network apps to pet owners

On the internet, there are millions and millions of cute pictures andpet videos online. Facebook and Instagram have become the most popular place to find dedicated pet owners who are ready to share their pet’s most adorable moments with other pet owners.

YouTube is a platform that has a range of pet videos from cute videos to educational pet videos. Pet Youtubers always have something interesting to share about their pets on their YouTube channel. You can find YouTube kitty cats channels or happy dogsyoutube channels. Better yet, you can find any information you want regardless of the type of pet you have. All you need is to utilise the search button and type in whatever information you are looking for.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of using a pet social media app other than using YouTube to create a community for pet lovers.

Are pet social Media apps important for pet owners?

How do you feel when you log in to your Facebook or Instagram account and find dozens of messages, notifications, comments, and likes? It’s exciting to see who has liked and commented on your posts.

Imagine if you had a pet social media app that could do the same?

Thanks to technology, we have apps for everything, even for our four-legged fur friends.We have over ten billion dogs and cats all over the world; they too deserve a fun space.

Social media apps are a one-stop place for pet lovers. Pet social media apps create a safe space purely for pet owners. They get to interact, socialise, and support one another.

There are different types of pet social media apps aimed at catering for different needs. You want to access the best, the pet social network apps that can help you answer your questions and connect you to the right crowd. If you are a dog lover, you can choose a dog social media app that can help you find the right dog for your family, select a dog walker or groomer or even educate you on the best diet for your dog.

Here are ways social media apps are useful to pet owners when compared to pet YouTuber channels.

1. Connect you to other pet owners

Nothing feels greater than being connected to a community that has common interests. You get to interact with other pet owners and hold discussions and maybe get to know each other. Pet YouTubers do a great job posting interesting videos on YouTube. However, they do not have the power to create a highly interactive community.

Pet YouTubers can only interact with their subscribers in the comment sections. Their subscribers are only limited to share their thoughts about the content posted, but cannot post anything about their pets. In short, the owner of the channel controls what his subscribers watch.

Pet social media apps create a perfect atmosphere for all pet owners. They can post their videos and picture sand host discussions for other pet owners to contribute.

2. Give and Receive support

Taking care of a pet is both interesting and challenging. Sometimes, you do not have answers to all questions that relate to pet care. It would help if you had support from other pet owners and getfeedback to your problems.

When you join a community on a social media app, you meet all kinds of pet owners that are less or more experienced in taking care of pets. Here, you can learn from and gain insights from other pet owners.

On the other hand, pet YouTubers only provide information that they feel is important to pet owners. Pet owners do not have the power to post their concerns or questions and get input from other pet owners.

3. Creates more than a safe place for pet owners

We have all kinds of pet channels on YouTube. They include YouTube kitty cats, dog lovers, cats, lovers, happy dogs, YouTube channels – to outline a few. Most pet YouTubers create their channels only to share adorable pet moments or to share valuable pet information to their subscribers.

On the other hand, pet social media apps are created for a purpose. They not only connect pet owners but they have something to offer pet owners. Pet social media apps can connect pet owners to reliable pet service providers which other pet owners may have already utilised and commented on.

Isn’t this perfect? You not only get to interact with other pet lovers but you also get connected to the best pet services and products in the market.

How do you get Pet Social Media Apps?

Getting a social media app is as easy as ‘ABC.’ You can download the app you want from the Google play store or Apple store to your device. You only need to know which app you want or at least the keyword/s that help you find the app you wish to access. For example, if you want an app for dog lovers, type ‘dog lovers’ and you will get suggestions to choose from.

Do you want to follow pet Youtubers and subscribe to their channels or join a community of pet lovers?

Why not try the Pets Forever app. Connect with like-minded pet lovers close to you and around the country. Get the latest news in the pet world on health and best products.

Create pet profiles and timelines and Shop recommended products based on community feedback…and more