Helpful tips

How do I know when it’s Time to Say GoodBye to my pet?

This is never an easy time for any pet parent and it’s one of the hardest decisions ever to make. We know our animals so well but once our heartstrings are pulled and emotions are heightened, we start to doubt ourselves. The most common question I get asked is… ‘when will I know it’s time?’

Unless you can see that their physical pain is unmanageable and know their health condition will continue to deteriorate, then the decision is made for you. But what if your animal is hiding their pain?

One of the ways I share with clients is to look at your pet’s quality of life. 

  • Are they still engaging with you and family?
  • Are they sleeping settled?
  • Are they eating and drinking easily?
  • Can they go to the toilet by themselves?
  • Are they enjoying being around?

If you mainly answer YES to the above questions, then they’ve still got quality of life and most probably want to be around.

  • Are they pacing?
  • Is it difficult for them to settle into sleeping?
  • Constantly waking up
  • Giving you a look like they’re trying to tell you something
  • Not engaging 
  • Hiding away
  • Eating / drinking sporadically
  • Grumpy all the time and sometimes aggressive
  • Hardly moving around
  • Soiling themselves constantly

If you mainly get a YES to the above, then I’d suggest a check-in with your vet and see if they can assist with what’s going on. If your vet says all that can be done has been, then it’s time to start preparing yourself emotionally and mentally. We do need time to process this as we come to a decision. 

Another way is connecting with an Animal Communicator so they can communicate with your pet and find out how they’re handling everything AND what they’re wanting to do. It’s a two-way conversation between pet parents and their pet where they can truly get their messages across to each other. It’s such a cathartic experience to be able to talk to your pet at this time. 

The one thing I always point out to pet parents at this time is that our animals rely on us to be strong and loving with them, help them in feeling safe in the moment and most of all, holding the space for them during this time. Sometimes having these precious moments where we’re so present, creates such a deeper heart connection where we’re truly connecting to them in the moment and this is what our animals love best – heart-to-heart connections.

Travelling with Pets at Christmas

If you are travelling with pets at Christmas here and not sure what to do, here are some tips to ensure that it really is “the most wonderful time of the year.”


  • Since this is the busiest time of the year to travel, it’s best to plan well in advance as things get booked up fast. Laraine Bunt from Hamilton Heritage Bed & Breakfast near Newcastle in New South Wales says “It pays to book early. December/January are very busy times and demand exceeds supply.”


  • The same is true for kennels, catteries and pet sitters – these services are in high demand at this time of year and can even have waitlists. Yaps Cat Oasis Resort recommend people book by about August / September each year to secure a spot for Xmas. Jodie the duty manager says, “Some of our regular customers like to book at the start of the year.”


  • Another thing to consider is that that most pet-friendly accommodation, kennels or catteries require proof of vaccinations and flea and tick treatments. Jody advises, “All boarding pets need to be up-to-date with their yearly vaccinations and if they are due at or around the time of coming into the facility, they need to be done 10-14 days beforehand. A copy of the current vaccination certificate must be sighted by our staff.”


  • While you may regard your pet as part of your family, others may not be so accommodating; always ask if your pet is welcome when staying or visiting another person’s house. Consider asking beforehand, if there are people with allergies, other animal guests or worse still a relative who especially dislikes pets?


  • If you are travelling interstate by air, there are limited places for pets available on flights and book out fast! Also, remember that this is the hottest time of the year in Australia so try to avoid flying your pet during high summer temperatures such as midday.


  • Lastly, while dressing up your pup or kitty might be fun for you, it might more ‘Ho ho no!’ for some pets. If you do intend to put your pooch in a Santa outfit or kitty as an elf remember not to leave the costume on them for too long.