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PetsForever is more than a dog social app. It’s a community, a gathering place, and a home for all pet lovers.

When you join PetsForever, you create a profile for each of your fur babies, complete with pictures, videos, stories, a timeline, and updates—just like your own social media, but for them. These updates can be shared to your other social media streams. However, that’s only the beginning!

PetsForever connects you to a rapidly-growing community of fellow pet lovers, who all want to become better pet parents. You’ll be connected to other passionate pet groups in your area, and will have the freedom to set up your own dog lovers group, dog walking events, and more. On top of that, PetsForever provides easy access to all of the best high quality pet foods, training services, charity organizations, and educational services in your area, so you’ll never need to dig around for answers again.

That’s the value of community: you do not have to be alone as a pet parent. You will get to interact, share pet stories, and receive tips on good pet parenting from other pet owners and experts. This helps creating a brighter future for pets.

PetsForever is already changing the way that pet lovers interact, but the future we’re building — for pets, and their owners — is even more exciting.

Today, PetsForever is a growing community which meets all of your pet needs. In the future, it will change the way society looks at pet parenting.

Pet ownership has always been popular, but today’s pet lovers are more dedicated than ever to ensuring their pet’s mental and physical health, from the first day they come home to their last day—and beyond. To help the global pet community, as a whole, it’s going to require that all pet owners come together to share feedback, to give suggestions, and to march forward into a world where pets are recognized for the wonderful beings that they are.

This future won’t happen on its own, and that’s why PetsForever wants you to join us by downloading our PetsForever app. Today, PetsForever is a work in progress, learning new things every day, but tomorrow, it will be a movement, thanks to the help of others like you: dog lovers, dog trainers, veterinarians, pet behaviour specialists, cat sitters and inventors are invited to join in. Together, we can all rise up, break boundaries, and craft a better future for our furry friends. If you have ideas to share, we want to hear them.

Our vision is to help pet’s live longer, healthier, stronger and happier lives

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Discover the story of why our founder created PetsForever

“I looked at my cat, who has brought so much joy to our lives, thinking I cannot imagine what will happen when this little bundle of joy is no longer with us. I don’t wish for all these pets to become forgotten where nobody knows of their existence. I want them to be remembered.”

Eric Hsu


In Partnership With The RSPCA

We support the good work of the RSPCA with 10% of proceeds going straight to the charity.